Northeast Ocean Data Portal

Client: Northeast Ocean Data Portal Working Group

What We Did:
• Worked with client to identify communications needs.
• Developed visual identity.
• Created Portal website.
• Produced Portal fact sheet.
• Designed PowerPoint template.

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Client: Conservation International

What We Did:
• Planned, developed, and maintained website including interactive map.
• Wrote and edited content for website, blog, and printed materials.
• Created graphics, distributed e-newsletter, and provided general communications support for CI’s Marine Science Program.

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Best Practices for Marine Spatial Planning

Client: The Nature Conservancy

What We Did:
• Participated in science and policy workshop.
• Wrote and edited white paper based on workshop.

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Client: The Nature Conservancy

What We Are Doing:
• Planning, writing, and editing website content.
• Conducting background research through literature review and expert interviews.

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Habitat Restoration and Conservation Plan

Client: Habitat Restoration Collaborative

What We Did:
• Collaborated with Strategy Teams to identify content.
• Wrote and designed document.

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Rainbow Smelt Conservation

Client: Interagency Species of Concern Technical Advisory Committee

What We Did:
• Worked with scientists to identify key messages
• Conducted background research
• Wrote and designed brochure and fact sheet
• Created website

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Marshes on the Move

Clients: NOAA Coastal Services Center & The Nature Conservancy

Product: 24-page Book

What We Did:
• Collaborated with scientific and management experts to plan and develop content
• Background research
• Writing and editing
• Graphic design and layout

The kind of communications work that Waterview Consulting does is the future of coastal and ocean management. ~ Ted Diers, Former Director, New Hampshire Coastal Program (quoted with permission)

Waterview Consulting operates at the interface of science, environmental management, and strategic communications. We partner with nonprofit, business, government, and academic organizations to build scientific understanding and to advance management and policy. ~ Peter Taylor

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Advising and Planning

Using science accurately and effectively for decision-making is a tremendous challenge. Waterview Consulting can help your organization obtain the highest-quality scientific knowledge and apply it to real-world decision-making processes. We serve as a bridge between scientific experts, managers, and stakeholders.

Interactive Media

We can help you plan and implement a communication strategy that uses interactive media wisely. Whether you need a basic online presence, an e-newsletter, social networking, or a sophisticated online system for collaboration, data, and mapping, we will work with you to identify and use the right tools.

Printed Publications

Booklets, policy briefs, brochures, postcards, and other printed materials are still vital communication tools, despite the rise of interactive media. Offering one-stop convenience, we can plan, research, write, edit, design, print, and distribute any type of printed publication - and we can produce electronic versions.

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