A Full-Service Consultancy

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs, and we are dedicated to providing creative, successful, and cost-effective solutions. We take on a wide range of projects. Some are multi-year, interdisciplinary initiatives with an extensive scope of work, while others are short term and narrowly focused. We can bring a project all the way from early concept to completion, or we can lend a hand to your team for a particular component of a larger initiative. Sometimes clients don’t know exactly what they need, and we help them figure it out. We thrive on the creative challenge of understanding what’s needed and then delivering it.

Project Management

Coordination of projects to ensure successful completion on schedule and within budget.

Needs Assessments

Quantitative and/or qualitative studies to understand needs of target groups and analyze potential solutions.

Strategic Communication and Messaging

Planning and implementation of communication initiatives using single or multiple channels: web, social media, e-communications, printed media. Identification and refinement of key messages to be conveyed to target audiences.

Information Collection, Analysis, and Synthesis

Gathering of information through literature reviews, interviews, online research, focus groups, and surveys. Analysis and integration of information into web content, books, reports, articles, white papers, and other formats.

Co-Production of Knowledge

Engagement with stakeholders and experts to collaborate toward a shared understanding and knowledge base, as well as stronger relationships that facilitate future partnerships.

Concept Development

Exploration, development, and refinement of concepts for communications, engagement, and decision support resources.

Website Design, Development, and Maintenance

Scoping, planning, and building of websites: navigational structure, look and feel, user experience, content (text, images, video), and interactive components such as maps and charts. Training in use of website content management system (CMS). Ongoing maintenance and support for websites.

Writing and Editing

Crafting of language for websites, brochures, fact sheets, articles, booklets, reports, books, and social media. Editing and rewriting to improve, integrate, or repurpose existing materials.

Graphic Design and Layout

Visual design of printed and electronic communication products such as brochures, booklets, reports, books, posters, web pages, and interactive tools.

Graphics and Data Visualizations

Creation of graphics (infographics, illustrations, diagrams, maps, graphs, logos) for printed and electronic formats, including interactive maps, graphs, and other data visualizations.

Social Media

Creation and deployment of content for Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.


Production of video tutorials and other short-format informational videos.


Sourcing of stock and custom photography.

Coordination of Printing and Distribution

Liaising with printing companies to facilitate production and distribution of printed materials.

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