The story of a river unleashed

How did environmental nonprofits and a Native American tribe achieve success in their 16-year, $60 million effort to remove dams and restore fish passage on Maine’s Penobscot River? We tell the inside story in a book that received a favorable review in the Wall Street Journal and was named co-winner of the John N. Cole Award. 

User-friendly access to California ocean species and fisheries information

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife wants to make it quick and easy for people to find key information about marine species and fisheries management in state waters. We are helping to plot the course.

A community-based 10-year plan to protect and restore a Long Island estuary

The Peconic estuary is the ecological and economic heart of eastern Long Island, New York, and its health is critical. We helped a partnership of local communities articulate their vision and plan.

Delivering essential data and interactive maps for ocean planning 

The ocean in the northeastern United States is transforming rapidly with offshore wind development, aquaculture, climate change, and more. For a decade, we have been part of the team that develops and maintains the Northeast Ocean Data Portal, a centralized source of expert-reviewed, publicly accessible data, maps, and information on the region’s ocean ecosystem, economy, and culture. 

Using models to reveal potential impacts of sea level rise on tidal marshes

Sea level rise threatens to wipe out some tidal marshes, which provide vital food and shelter for fish, shellfish, and birds. We teamed up with experts to translate the latest science to facilitate accurate risk assessments and development of effective management strategies.

Environmental status of Narragansett Bay and its watershed

Restoring the health of Narragansett Bay requires comprehensive science-based information that is accessible to decision-makers and the broader public. We helped produce the most current and complete report on the Bay’s status and trends.

Building resilience to climate change

Cities and towns around the world are working to understand and mitigate the effects of climate change on their infrastructure and natural resources. We conducted a risk assessment for Maine’s Casco Bay region and communicated findings of scientific monitoring.

Effects of an innovative and controversial fisheries management strategy

How does shifting from traditional fisheries management to the newer approach of catch shares affect fish, fishermen, and fishing businesses? We teamed up with an interdisciplinary team of economists, sociologists, ecologists, and governance experts to find out and translate the findings for fishery managers and stakeholders. 

Restoring habitats to benefit salmon, shorebirds, flood control, and farmers in Washington state

Along the coast in the Pacific Northwest, the wellbeing of fish, birds, and people are closely intertwined. Diverse partner organizations are working together to help them all thrive. We crafted science-based communications tools toward achieving that goal. 

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